Security Cameras

Front Door Camera

AV Guy can upgrade an existing system or start from scratch. As a one-stop-shop, we design, sell and install. From 2 wireless home cameras to a 32-camera commercial system, we've done it all!

+ Quality Waterproof, Rustproof Metal Cameras with 3 Year Warranty

+ No Ongoing Costs, Free Recording and Viewing

+ Complete Custom Design Available with Wireless, Audio, PTZ, and more

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The State of Texas requires rigorous training, background checks and fingerprinting to be a licensed security installer.  You don't want just anybody having access to your home, network and camera system... you want us!  Out techs are honest, super friendly, and passed our precious Lone Star State's test with flying colors. License #B19919


To throw a few numbers out there, homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be burglarized, there is 1 burglary every 15 seconds, and the average loss is $2,230 in cash, valuables and damages. Besides the dollars and cents, aint nobody got time fo dat! Protect your family from "WHAT IF" and get an ~8% discount on your insurance premiums to boot.



We have seen a lot of prepackaged camera bundles and a lot of [crapy] phone apps. All of our camera packages come with intuitive cell phone apps for iPhone and Android users alike. With a basic home network, you can utilize web viewing so you can check on your home from anywhere without an additional monthly expense from "the cloud."


Whether you're keeping an eye on the kids in the backyard, checking on your pet during the hot summer months, or seeing if your most recent Amazon package has been delivered safely, cameras will save you time and energy.


Ever rang the doorbell at your friend's house and notice an ugly mess of wires running to their security camera? You didn't even notice that cute wreath they spent so much time hot gluing together!  Despite the extra effort, our wire pulls are clean and professional.


More things go BUMP in the night when your significant other is on a business trip, am I right?  Pull up these trusty watchdogs on your bedroom TV and get some much needed shut-eye.