Why us?


Here are just a few reasons why you should choose AV Guy for your next A/V installation:

1.  We do the Dirty Work

Do you know the temperature of a Texas attic on a 100 degree summer day?   Have you ever been in the crawl spaces under the house or really really tight spots between your roof-line and ceiling?  Believe me, you want to keep it that way!  Some things should simply be left to professionals.  Not only do we do the tasks everyone hates, but we carry the tools to do it as quickly and safely as possible.  If your DIY projects end up costing you more money, save yourself the headache and call us first.  Our experience will look better, work better, and end up saving you money and (most preciously) time.  P.S. Attics get up to 140 on a 100 degree day... I couldn't resist

2.  We are Product Specialists

Do you know the difference between a Plasma and a LCD TV? What about timbre matching your speakers, making sure your network adapters are on the same subnet, or ISF calibrating your screen for optimal performance? Why bother trying to educate yourself on the latest and greatest technology when we already have? It's a crazy technological world out there and you can get lost in it really quickly. Truth be told, much of it is going to be short-lived technology. Don't get stuck in something that will be obsolete. We know which technology is worth your time and financial investment-- let us point you in the right direction.

3.  We are Super Cool

Hello my name is Edwin Bonneau. I, along with the help of my wonderful wife Stacy, started this little dream of mine initially called Plasma Guy. It started out as a part time gig during college but all the while we had big dreams of it becoming so much more. Here we are almost 10 years later.

Stacy graduated from the business school at The University of Texas Austin with a cumulative GPA of 3.89. I graduated from Texas State University just south of Austin in San Marcos. We won't mention my GPA but my wife and I both graduated with accounting degrees. After graduation we promptly moved back up to Dallas where we grew up.  Now we are busy chasing 3 young children one of whom we were able to adopt through the Texas foster system.  Life flies by so fast but we are very much enjoying our place.

Our mission with this business is to provide honest, professional, and quality work for a great price. I use my know-how from being in the business both retail and custom installation, to offer suggestions that work well with whatever audio/video need you may have. This often means offering product that costs far less than what other custom A/V experts recommend. We strive to be an honest business. I have lost several customers because I don't offer an under the table "cash" discount. My father told me that if I was willing to cheat even one person (even the government), nothing would stop me from cheating any one of my other customers.

There are a lot of great installers out there, and if you decide to use AV Guy, know that we will do everything in our power to provide excellent customer service that boasts honesty and integrity.