Whole House Audio

Perhaps one of the most under-rated services we offer is our whole house audio solution. With holidays, parties, and (most commonly) cleaning the house, a little background music goes a long way. Why not lighten your day with a little music in the kitchen, bathroom, or patio? Systems range from basic rotary knobs in each room to color touchscreen in-wall panels that provide interactive control.

Whole House Audio Packages

Each package has a base cost for the control system plus a cost per room for speakers and room controls.


Multi-Source Package

Single Source Package

Each room can play difference sources simultaneously.  Various sources controlled at the keypad in each room.

Each room plays the same source and is controlled by the amplifier.  On/Off volume controlled in each room.


Base cost $1,745

Includes Master Control, Sonos Connect and Labor

Base cost $755

Includes 2-Zone Amplifier, Speaker Selector and Labor

Room Cost $295

Includes 2 Speakers, Rotary Volume Control and Labor

Room Cost $595

Includes 2 Zero-bezel speakers, OLED System Control and Labor